Axioms, 2016 Pacific Felt Factory
The works presented here are part of a 2016 series called Axioms. The work here has been through two phases of production. Each piece is drawn, painted or both, and then translated onto a cotton fat quarter, and finally finished by a seamstress. The work speaks to a tradition of textile making, designing, and care within my Guyanese family. My maternal grandparents, Owen and Iona Cupid were a tailor and seamstress respectively. My father's military service passed on a fondness for ironing handkerchiefs and polishing shoes. Axioms folds my own medium, installation art, into conversation with the history of my family
Rivers & Plains, 2017 African American Art and Culture Complex
This is a systematic approach to character development and storytelling that is rooted in visual realization of story concepts. 
This exhibit represents characters who exist in two worlds: our world thirty years from now, and The Time Apart, a blue-black world within the story which exists outside the boundaries of space and time.

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